Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)

We at Stuhrling Enterprise proposes the complete range of SE plates to be adapted on APV heat exchangers frames. This represents an easy and economical solution to optimise a process while keeping an existing frame.

Stuhrling Enterprise plates offer an better distribution of the fluids over the heat transfer area and an optimised cleaning.
With their modern design, plates provide an easy maintenance and a easy adaptation on existing frame.

Plates for the following Frames:

  • APV R5 frames
  • APV SR2 frames
  • APV SR3 frames
  • APV HX frames
  • SS 316 or Titanium
  • 3A execution
  • Snap in or glued gasket, NBR or EPDM


  • Dairies / Cheese factories
  • Food Industries
  • Beverage / Brewery Industries
  • Egg plants
  • Sanitary Application
  • Energy Plants


Our source submitted its compounds to an official laboratory to get the necessary approvals for food application and acquired certificates in accordance with the French Law and the FDA regulation.

For your special applications, Stuhrling Enterprise propose you the adaquiate compounds to fit your process.

  •   (Nitrile)

Operation up to 100° C
high temperature Operation up to 130° C

Their specific features are their remarkable resistance to oils, solvents and grease, whether aliphatic or aromatic.

  •   (Butyl)

Operation up to 160° C

Butyl rubber vulcanates have excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical stability.
They age very well when exposed to ozone and heat.
Very good resistance to acids and bases at average levels of concentration and to polar solvents
and animal or vegetable oil.

  •   (Nitrile Hydrogéné)

* Operation up to 150° C

Its physical properties are remarkable even at high temperatures.
Good behaviour at low temperatures
Good resistance to numerous chemically aggressive oils.
* THERBAN. Bayer registered trade mark


Operation up to 140° C

Excellent resistance to all kinds of ageing (heat, oxygen, ozone, weathering).
Sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and light.
Good chemical resistance to ketones, alcohols, and diluted bases together with certain lubricants
(Lockheed, Skydrol).
Very low resistance to hydrocarbon solvents and oils.

  • (Fluorocarboné)

* Operation up to 250° C

High resistance to extreme temperatures: -50°C to +250°C.
Resistance to most fluids for industrial use.
Resistance to thermal cycles.
* Type A VITON. Dupont Dow Elastomers registered trade mark..

* type vapeur Utilisation jusqu’à 275° C

The vulconisates keep their technical characteristics better than standard FPM after heat exposure ageing
* Type B VITON. Dupont Dow Elastomers registered trade mark.

* haute performance Utilisation jusqu’à 250° C

High resistance to extreme temperature: -50°C to +250°C.
Optimum resistance to chemical product.
* Type G VITON. Dupont Dow Elastomers registered trade mark.

This data is intended for information only. Please contact us to specify the elastomer best suited to your specific duty. Other types of elastomers can also be supplied

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